August 5, 2015

City addresses surge project timetable

By Daniel Arens

The surge projects have been moving forward at a slower pace than expected, although Mary Schindler, the project’s manager, hopes to see a rebound in the next several days.
Schindler said that lack of crews and equipment requested by the city engineer has led to delays in certain parts of the surge project.
The working crew also could not find an expected eight inch pipe at the proper location. The crew compensated by connecting two existing six inch pipes to the new eight inch pipe which will help the flow at 10th Street flow east freely.
There are now two crews working on the new RV Park north of Highway 200, and Schindler hopes that a third crew could be added now that requested equipment has arrived. With three crews and equipment at hand, Schindler hopes that some of the early delays can be offset.
The city commission still expressed concern over the deadline schedule for the project. As part of their agreement, the contractor will pay a fee to the city for every day of work past the deadline. Commission President Jerry Obenauer said he would rather have the project done on time than make money from the late fees from an incomplete project.
A proposal by Ulteig Engineering for initial work on Wildrose Lane was approved pending a go-ahead from the city commission. Wildrose Lane is the proposed new frontage road that will provide access to the upcoming hotel. According to the agreement, the city will provide part of the frontage road, while the hotel will be responsible for continuing the road up to the hotel parking lot.


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