December 17, 2014

City amends fireworks ordinance

By Lee Coleman

The Hazen City Commission has heard from citizens voicing their concerns over the noise of fireworks and they have listened.
At the last meeting of year Monday night, the commission voted unanimously to amend the city ordinance on the buying, selling and the discharge of fireworks in the Hazen city limits.
As written, the amendment will allow the buying and selling of fireworks in the city limits from Dec. 26 until Jan. 1. The discharge of the fireworks will only be allowed on New Year’s Eve until midnight and on Jan. 1.
“I am concerned about people shooting them off at night,” said citizen Ella Mathisen Monday night. “We have people that have to work and people in the hospital. Birds want to get away from it. Now, you want to add more. That does not make sense.”
For the Fourth of July, the dates are from June 27 until July 6.
“I was under the impression we were going with what the state does,” said Commissioner Judy Brunmeier.
City Auditor Monte Erhardt responded, saying the amendment would bring the city in line with the state but the city commission has the final authority to do as they wish.

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