November 4, 2014

City Commission convenes for first meeting of November

By Lee Coleman

It was a long journey but the commission got some closure on the Main Street paving project when KLJ Engineering presented the final bill for the work.
Terry Boehm of KLJ told the commission there was still a little work left to be completed on some manholes but, other than that, he said, the work has been completed.
“It turned out pretty well.” Boehm said. “I’m happy with everything.”
Interestingly, Boehm said 71 tons of mix had been used in the project. The commission was given a detailed accounting of the project, showing where money was saved and where overages were needed.
The last payment approved Monday night was for $165, 399, bringing the project costs already paid to $1,994,948. With a few adjustments to be made, the final number is less than the original projection of $2, 515,000 dollars.
City Engineer Mark Johnson of Ulteig presented the commission with a request to extend the current contract with Ulteig that is set to expire Jan. 15, 2015.
“We want to get at least a one-year extension,” said Johnson. “Everything will remain the same in the contract.”
Johnson proceeded to create a discussion on geographic information system software, a tool Johnson said would keep all mapping and measurements in place for instant review.

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