February 22, 2017

City looks to major chip sealing project

By Daniel Arens

Streets remain a focus point for the Hazen City Commission.
Last year, the emphasis was on a large street project around town. Then came the snow, and with it major headaches related to snow removal and the condition of city roads.
Now, as the snow begins to disappear, the commission is looking ahead to chip sealing for Hazen’s streets.
Mark Sweeney, Moore Engineering, provided a slideshow presentation to the city commissioners during their meeting on Monday. He explained how asphalt streets work and the major concerns that come with maintaining those streets.
“Really, the idea is that you’re going to be a lot better off if you just have a maintenance program,” Sweeney said.
Sweeney pointed out that, while there is an impact from heavy traffic or large trucks on streets, the primary cause of road damage comes from natural forces.
“You know, the biggest factors are going to be water and weather,” Sweeney said. “Water, weather, and sun are the primary causes of [road deterioration].”


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