September 25, 2013

City mulls water, sewer policy

By April Baumgarten

The Hazen City Commission is one step closer to deciding whether it should allow residents to hookup to outside water sources.
Commissioners discussed a policy Monday during a meeting at Hazen City Hall that could require residents who wish to connect to rural water pay a fee to the city. The government would also be able to assess costs for projects even if the landowner does not connect to city water.
“We should develop a policy to deal with this,” Commission President Mark Nygard said.
The issue came to light after the city approved a project that would provide water and sewer to Elbowoods Drive and Park Place. The commission approved a bid in July for $411,804 to develop the water district. Each of the 41 lots will be assessed $10,044 apiece.
Brent Hysjulien, who lives in the district, signed a contract with Southwest Water Authority and the city in 2011. It would allow him to hookup to SWA’s pipeline until the area was developed.

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