June 8, 2016

Clarification regarding sample ballots

By Daniel Arens

In hopes of clarifying any potential confusion from the layout of the sample ballots in last week’s Hazen Star and Beulah Beacon, we provide the following information.
These sample ballots are not the ballots you will receive at polling locations or in the mail. The sample ballots contain all potential elections in Mercer County; the ballot you receive will be specific to your precinct and will only include such elections as will occur within that precinct.
For example, although the sample ballots contain the names of candidates from both the Hazen City Commission and the Beulah City Council, the ballot at each polling place will only have the relevant city election for that precinct, not both.
There are no candidates in 2016 for District 33 state senators or representatives, which is why the district is not mentioned on the sample ballot. Although the majority of Mercer County is located within District 33, a small portion lies within District 04, which does have state candidates up for election or reelection. For this reason, District 04 has been included in the sample ballot, but only county residents living in that district will be able to vote in those elections.
Residents from throughout the county will be able to vote at the Beulah Civic Center, Hazen City Hall, or Stanton Civic Center. Each of these three locations will have ballots on hand from all county precincts, so you will be able to find the correct ballot for your precinct regardless of which location you choose to vote at.

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