January 3, 2018

Cleaning the air: Hazen’s newest addition

By Daniel Arens

A few weeks ago, a flu epidemic hit parts of Mercer County. The sudden epidemic led to 88 absences from the Beulah School District on Dec. 4, after school resumed.
On the same day, the Hazen School District reported 21 students absent from their classes.
Now, granted, there is as yet no definite proof of a cause for this wide discrepancy of school absences between the two closely neighboring districts. But there is one unique item in the Hazen cleaning repertoire that may be a contributing factor.
It’s a “mist portable sprayer”, and it comes from GenEón, a company that strives to create sustainable forms of cleaning. This sprayer is used by the Hazen School District to help disinfect the air in the school rooms.
This sprayer is also one-of-a-kind for this area: no other school district nearby makes use of it.


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