May 25, 2016

Close call inspires Tigirlily to partner with NDDOT

By Daniel Arens

Creative music-making and an important message came together for Tigirlily recently as a winter car accident became the motivation for talking seat-belt safety.
On December 11, 2015, Krista Slaubaugh was driving home from basketball during the very first snow of the year when a pick-up truck pulled out right in front of her. Slaubaugh attempted to brake, but found herself sliding on ice into a stop sign, which in turn caused the car to roll into the ditch, landing upside-down.
“Literally the only thing that held me to the seat was my seat belt,” Slaubaugh said. “The police said I would have been ejected, possibly rolled over if I was not wearing it.”
The North Dakota Department of Transportation saw Slaubaugh’s story on Facebook and contacted the sisters to spread the message of seat belt safety around the state.
Slaubaugh and her sister, Kendra, the duo known around the state and nation as Tigirlily, spoke with the NDDOT, hoping to share their story to help promote seat belt safety in the state. They gave a music performance of their song “Victory” at South Fargo High School as part of the “Click It or Ticket” event sponsored by NDDOT. They will also discuss the issue in radio ads through June 5.


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