September 7, 2016

Commission considers manufactured home exception

By Daniel Arens

One man’s request for a variance in bringing in a home to the area revealed the complexity of Hazen’s underlying ordinances for building activities.
Kevin Mohl asked the Hazen City Commission for a variance which would allow him to move in a manufactured, or mobile, home to northern Hazen at the intersection of Park Place and Elbowoods Drive. This area of town is under “R1 Zoning,” which does not permit manufactured homes to be placed there without special approval from the city board.
Mohl plans to build between lots 12 and 13, due to a utility easement between lots 11 and 12. However, if there are no utilities located in the easement and the city grants permission, he would plan to instead install the manufactured home between lots 11 and 12.
Mohl answered questions from the board, saying the home would neighbor the property of Tim and Corrie Rogness and the property of Murray and Renae Snyder. The home would face south and the garage would face west.
Mohl said he planned to remodel the house with brick or veneer to give it a finer appearance and make it look more like the other houses in the area.
City Planner Steve Frovarp brought up the question of a foundation. He noted the city ordinance had recently been changed to require a more firm foundation for manufactured homes when established within the city. Specifically, simply building on a pier or beam foundation is no longer allowed.

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