July 13, 2016

Commission discusses section road closures

By Daniel Arens

When section lines cross through properties, there are ways for property owners to request the vacating of segments of the line. But these lines also have the potential to become section line roads, and dealing with these rural roads can provide a challenge of precedent for county commissions.
Will and Kayla Allmendinger are planning to build a home near the section line dividing Section 29 and Section 32 of T144N R89W. Although the home itself will not be located on the section line, the Allmendingers are still requesting the closure of a section of the line to help them establish a yard.
The terrain of the area would make the construction of a section line road extremely difficult, the family maintained. Even the nearby County Road 11, traveling north to south, has to curve east before continuing south beside their property, so as to avoid the rough tract.
Commission President Bill Tveit noted there have been issues in the past where the commission acted on an assumption and, in the future, things changed that showed that assumption to be wrong. While he noted it doesn’t appear the section line would be usable, he stressed the importance of considering the future when making the decision.


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