July 2, 2019

Commission refuses final approval for controversial policies

By Daniel Arens

Three significant policy proposals related to employee benefits came before the county commission for final approval.
Of the three, two limped through with a series of notable changes, requiring additional reviews by the policy committee, while the third policy fell short of the final hurdle.
This third issue, which would have created a personal leave policy for the county, is closely connected to one of the other two regarding employee procedures during bad weather. The topic occupied most of the discussion.
The commission first discussed the personal leave suggestion. This policy aimed to establish 12 hours of personal leave an employee could take during situations like bad weather.
One of the primary issues debated in terms of establishing the policy was the need for employees to use  vacation time once the 12 hours of personal leave were used up. As the policy currently stands, employees are paid for time missed due to bad weather, with those who work being paid double time.

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