September 11, 2008

Committee moving ahead

Ballot applications mailed out beginning Sept. 22
By Chris Gessele
The Hazen City Commission has approved a final draft of Measure No. 2 to be placed on the ballot come the Nov. 4 General Election.
Now, the Hazen Wellness and Recreation Committee will get busy.
The committee is working toward the ultimate goal of construction of a wellness and recreation center in Hazen. And as the General Election looms, the committee is working hard to ensure all eligible voters remember to cast their ballot – all the while undertaking a capital campaign to fund the project.
Measure No. 2 would be the beginning of that capital campaign. The measure reads as follows: “Shall the Hazen Home Rule Charter be amended to allow for the imposition of an additional 1 percent sales and use tax to be used for recreational or aquatic center purposes? A ‘yes’ vote allows the Hazen City Charter and ordinances to be amended to provide for an additional 1 percent city sales and use tax dedicated to recreational or aquatic center purposes. A ‘no’ vote would prohibit these changes. A simple majority vote will determine whether this measure passes of fails.”
As with the June Primary Election, the Nov. 4 vote will again be held by mail in Mercer County with the Mercer County Courthouse in Stanton as the only open polling site, operating from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. County Auditor Monte Erhardt will begin mailing ballot applications the week of Sept. 22. Eligible voters must return the application to the courthouse via mail or in person before a ballot will be mailed to them. The voter then must fill out the ballot and return it to Stanton before deadline.
“We want to make sure people vote, and make sure they get to the polls,” Committee Member Maxine Beckwith said. “If this vote passes, that’s when we need to move quickly.

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