May 9, 2018

Continuing on the road of public service

By Daniel Arens

One Hazen resident has dedicated much of his life to public service. As 2018’s election season approaches, he continues to pursue that passion.
Born and raised in Hazen, and still living there when he is not down in Bismarck, Randy Christmann is now seeking reelection to the North Dakota Public Service Commission (PSC).
Christmann was elected to his first 6-year PSC term in 2012, after serving 18 years as District 33’s Republican senator. He explained that each of the three PSC members serve 6-term terms, with one up for reelection every two years.
This year, there are two seats up for election, but that is only because one PSC member retired earlier, and the member appointed to fill the vacancy must now seek election. There will be two different PSC elections as a result.
“Politics in general just always interested me, my family was involved and I grew up with it,” Christmann said. His time serving in the legislature gave him a fresh perspective on political issues and challenges facing North Dakota, as well as the experience he gained from being the assistant majority leader of the North Dakota Senate.


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