June 4, 2009

Controversy blooms after proposal to uproot nursery

Dalles Krause Jr. and Kari Olson, co-owners of Krause’s Super Valu, Hazen, feel it would spur economic growth and development in the city of Hazen.

Members of the Hazen Forestry Board expressed worries that it could endanger the city’s source of all that is green and aesthetic in Hazen.

At Monday evening’s meeting of the Hazen City Commission, Krause and Olson approached the commission to ask for an option to purchase the land where Hazen’s Sam Reich Nursery now sits in west Hazen. There they would build a "state-of-the-art" 25,500-square foot grocery store and 2,500-square foot liquor store – over 10,000 square feet bigger than their current land-locked store location in downtown Hazen. Super Valu developers liked the site’s accessibility, Krause said, and its ability to house the recommended four-to-one parking-to-store ratio.


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