October 9, 2013

County approves final budget

“I’m glad that we are giving them a 10 percent raise,” Commissioner Gary Murray said. “I think they all deserve it.”

This is the first budget passed with a fully elected board of five commissioners. The county will go into the year with an expected revenue of $25,105,371 and an estimated expenditure of $25,911,141.
Commissioner Frank Bitterman said the budget has had several challenges but that he was satisfied with the procedure.
“I feel like this budget has gone through more work than any other budget I have worked on before,” he said. “I want you to know that I feel good about it.”
The commission met Oct. 1 for a special meeting to discuss and fine-tune the budget before approving it during its regular Oct. 2 in Stanton.
The commission also discussed step-up pay for employees who takeover for a supervisor. The question stemmed from the road department for when employees have had to step up for sick workers or others on vacation.


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