October 12, 2016

County approves tabled WRT outstanding permit

By Daniel Arens

Mercer County Commissioners and representatives of West River Telecom met to discuss the commission’s decision at its previous meeting to deny a routine permit request for the time being.
The decision came as the county continues to struggle to get various companies to comply with obtaining proper permits before beginning the work for which the permits are required. The commission decided to try to make an example of this frustration by denying an outstanding utility permit from WRT. The commission determined at its previous meeting to bring the issue back when WRT representatives spoke to the commissioners.
At the Oct. 5 meeting, James Byerley, WRT plant manager, and other representatives from WRT attended the meeting. Byerley said there was no excuse for failing to get the permits delivered on time and that augmented contracts had been drafted to deal with the issue.
The commission thanked the representatives for coming in and speaking with them, saying they really were hoping to bring out communication on the problem.
Commissioner Wes Gunsch moved to approve the utility permit request previously denied; the motion was seconded by Commissioner Gary Murray and unanimously approved by the commission.

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