September 3, 2014

County revises Reverse 911, approves zoning cases

By Chris Erickson

A relatively short meeting earlier this week brought a few updates to Mercer County when the county commission met for its regular monthly meeting.
First up was a slight change to the Reverse 911 notification system brought up by Emergency Manager Carmen Reed. According to Reed, the change in the agreement would switch it over to the state, ultimately saving money locally.
“The Reverse 911 system, when a voice call goes out it takes minutes, but a text goes out to everyone in seconds,” Reed said. “So I’m trying to get everyone with a cell phone number in the system onto the texts [notification system]. Then just those people who have to have a voice call would be kept on that system. That would really improve the messages going out and people receiving them.”
Reed added that she had already input many cell phone numbers into the system, which was an entirely voluntary system. In order for people to receive the notifications on their cell phones they can email Reed their information at

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