October 7, 2015

County tax meeting held Tuesday night

A tax meeting and public hearing was held Tuesday night at the Mercer County Courthouse in Stanton to discuss a possible increase in property taxes for county residents. The results of the hearing could not be published for this paper’s release date.

Shana Brost, Mercer County Auditor, said that it was undecided how much of a tax increase would be asked for, although the number would not exceed a 5 percent. The increase comes for various routine and basic county functions, notably due to increased budget requests from many county departments. The increase has no relation to the proposed remodeling of the county courthouse and jail.

Brost said that, in terms of mil levy, the potential increase is only 1.67 mils higher than in the last fi scal year. She also noted that the previous state legislature mandated that certain services be provided from out of counties’ general funds, which could also contribute to the increase.

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