April 30, 2014

County zoning approves variance, non-farm residence

By Chris Erickson

The Mercer County Planning and Zoning Commission saw two applications find approval recently - one for a setback variance and one for a non-farm residence.
The setback residence was applied for by Russell Putnam for the planting of a new 3-row shelterbelt. The variance request was to place the trees in the closest row of trees 117 feet from the center line of Highway 200 instead of the typical 200-foot setback required by current agricultural zoning regulations.
Land Use Administrator/Tax Director Gary Emter said the previous trees had come out due to their poor condition. After brief discussion the variance found unanimous approval from the zoning commission.
Next up was an application from Amber and Jerald Smith for approval of a conditional use permit for a non-farm residence south of Golden Valley. The acreage in question would be sold to the Smiths if the permit was approved. The zoning commission asked if the usual requirements of water, sanitation and bus turnarounds would be met and Amber responded that they would be. The zoning commission unanimously approved the application.

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