December 17, 2014

Department of Health stymies new RV Park project for now

By Lee Coleman

The North Dakota Department of Health has made it very clear to the Hazen Park Board and Ulteig Engineering that in order for the proposed new RV Park off 10th Street to go forward, sanitary and water mains must be placed under the roadways as a duplex lift station and not run under the RV pads in the park as a single pump lift station for a year round RV park.
The only exception to this mandate could occur if the Park Board agrees to evict all tenants during the winter months.
According to Ulteig, the estimated additional cost of the duplex station would be about $200,000.
This project was first discussed on June 18, 2012 at the Hazen city commission meeting. An agreement to design the RV Park and extend 10th Street was reached with a price tag of about $600,000.
Design work by Ulteig was started and suspended at least two times between June, 2012 and July, 2013.
In January of 2014, a call from Ulteig to the Department of Health (DOH) regarding the need for a duplex lift station brought the project to the attention of the DOH.
During that time, the DOH informed Ulteig that placing sanitary and water main mains under the RV pads would not be allowed if the RV Park was to be open all year.
According to city engineer Mark Johnson of Ulteig, the change in those rules were not acceptable to the Park Board and no more design work was done until July of 2014.
In July, the Hazen city commission decided to move forward with the extension of 10th Street as a separate deal and Ulteig put this proposal out for bid this fall.


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