March 1, 2017

DGC to host Brave the Shave

By Daniel Arens

Over the last decade, Basin Electric Power Cooperative has partnered with various local organizations to raise more than $2.2 million for cancer-related causes. Now, on the 10th anniversary of the first “Brave the Shave,” the organization hopes to see the trend continue to grow.
There are many different “Brave the Shave” events, including ones in South Dakota and Wyoming. But Mercer County was involved from year one, hosting events at area plants. The location of the event rotates among the different plants.
“This year, that’s going to be at Dakota Gasification Company, in the theater,” Joan Dietz, communications specialist at DGC, said. “We just take turns hosting it, because employees from all the stations take part in it.”
DGC’s “Brave the Shave” will be held at 1:30 p.m. March 9. People who wish to sign up to be part of the event can do so at, clicking “Register” to pick the Mercer County event. During the event, use the main entrance to be directed to the theater.


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