September 30, 2010

District 33 House candidates share views on the issues

An uneducated vote is a vote wasted.

Mercer County Auditor Monte Erhardt mailed over 2,500 ballots late last week to Mercer County voters as part of Mercer County’s 2010 Vote By Mail General election process. To help District 33 voters make an informed decision this 2010 General Election, the Beulah Beacon and Hazen Star sat down with the four District 33 House of Representatives candidates: Republican incumbents Rep. Brenda Heller and Rep. Gary Kreidt, and their Democratic challengers Jane Opdahl and Judy Lang.


1. Name, Hometown, Family, Job:

Judy Lang, Stanton, is married with two grown sons and six grandchildren. She works as an independent insurance agent.

Jane Opdahl, Zap, is married with a son in high school and twins in middle school. She is employed on the outreach staff for North Dakota Farmers Union.

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