January 4, 2017

Emergency planners finalize 2017 training exercises

By Daniel Arens

Over the last several months, members of the Mercer County Local Emergency Planning Committee discussed how best to approach exercises and training for the upcoming year.
During their Dec. 15 meeting, the LEPC finalized its calendar of events, which is reproduced here. The committee members agreed that an anhydrous ammonia truck accident within Pick City limits was a major potential for concern. A mock accident exercise will be held to simulate how to respond to an actual event.
Another significant issue discussed at the meeting was an update on the staff of Sakakawea Medical Center moving into the existing hospital. The current tentative plan is for the move to occur in late February. The hospital is looking for volunteers from the fire and/or ambulance services to help move equipment during that time, due to the sensitivity of the materials to be moved.


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