March 28, 2018

Enhancing Hazen:A junior high perspective

By Daniel Arens

Over the last year, there has been a growing emphasis from business, community, and state leaders, both in Hazen and around North Dakota.
This emphasis is expressed in Governor Doug Burgum’s “Main Street Initiative”, which aims to make North Dakota communities and their Main Streets more vibrant places to live and work.
Junior high students in Hazen are paralleling this important discussion through a recent project and assignment. In this project, students are divided into small teams and given roles within the community (mayor, attorney, engineer, treasurer, and publicity). They then have to design and present a proposed addition to the Hazen community that would better the lives of its residents.
On Monday, these students then presented their project ideas before their classmates and Hazen Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Antoinette Heier.
Heier was visibly impressed with a lot of the suggestions that the students were coming up with, and to almost every proposal, she responded with her own ideas about how it might actually work for Hazen or if it sparked some related possibility in her mind.
“It fits in well with the Main Street Initiative,” she said.

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