October 28, 2015

Family holds walk-in for old clinic renovation


In the near future, the old Hazen medical clinic and Isaak Chiropractic Cinic will be inhabited by a family from the community as their new home.

Ferd and Dee Madche purchased the building, located near the Pioneer Park Home on 4th Ave. NE, last autumn. They began renovating the building shortly after the purchase, a long on-and-off cycle that has resulted in the transformation of the one-time clinic into a personal home.

The Madches will hold a walk-in Sunday, Nov. 1, to show the refurbished building to Hazen residents. Many of these residents will remember the building in its old function as a clinic and chiropractic office. The walk-in begins at noon and runs until 4 p.m.

There is a $5 fee to participate in the walk-around. All proceeds will go to Dee Madche’s brother, Dwight Haase. Haase, who lives in Mandan, was diagnosed two years ago with stage 4 kidney cancer, and the money will be used to help pay for his medications.

The fundraiser is being held due to numerous requests from residents to see the refurbished building. The Madches replied that they would hold tours when the project was completed.

The Madches have kept photographs of the work that they have done throughout the process of the renovation. They are planning to have some of these pictures available for the public to see in the form of a picture book or a poster.

Currently, the Madches live at the intersection of 3rd St. NW and 4th Ave. NW and have recently received an offer on that  home, which they put up for sale. The family will move into their newly renovated home the beginning of December.

The new home contains three bedrooms and three bathrooms located around the house. The small individual stalls that made up the old clinic’s rooms have been removed to provide more living space.

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