January 7, 2015

Fire departments double team gas leak in Hazen

By Lee Coleman

A heavy odor of gas was reported from the ALCO store in Hazen Tuesday morning, and the Hazen and Beulah fire departments joined together in mutual aid to remedy the situation.
According to Beulah Fire Chief Dave Layton, who was in charge of the scene, Hazen called and asked for help in investigating the gas leak in the store.
When Beulah arrived, Hazen was on the scene.
“The building has propane-style heating,” said Layton. “We got the building isolated.”
Stepping inside the front door, the distinct, heavy odor of propane was present.
“We are trying to gain access to the roof to find out who the servicing company for the propane is,” Layton said at the scene.
While attempts continued, firefighters were able to start the process of clearing the air.
“We are going to vent the building since the propane leak has been isolated,” Layton explained. “We have mitigated this incident and, until the propane people arrive, that’s about all we’re going to do.”

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