August 30, 2017

First step: Setting the plan

By Daniel Arens

Before Hazen can have new and mint condition streets all around town, there must be large-scale work and renovation to bring the roads from their current condition to the best condition. Before that work can begin, the entire project must be engineered and put out for bids. And before the engineering can start, the engineers must have a basic plan of action for how to approach the task.
This first step in the process of developing Hazen’s streets over the next year or two started with a special meeting at Hazen City Hall Aug. 23. Three city commissioners, three representatives of Moore Engineering, and the city’s auditor gathered to begin planning out the details of the project.
Mark Sweeney, project manager with Moore Engineering, said that it is important the company has a firm grasp on what the city commission thinks the project should look like before they begin the engineering process or take input from the public. What the commissioners said will provide the basic framework going forward, with tweaks and adjustments being made to that.

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