May 17, 2017

Fischer to take over Hazen Bay restaurant

By Daniel Arens

In September 2015, a new restaurant came to Mercer County. Now, under a new manager, the food opportunity it provides is growing.
Kimi Fischer, new manager of the Lake Shack at Hazen Bay, is holding a grand opening for the refurbished restaurant from May 17 through May 21.
Fisher took over after the previous owner, Wendi Kollman, moved to Minnesota. Fisher worked under Kollman at the Lake Shack in the past, gaining experience, and was encouraged by Kollman to take over management of the facility.
Fischer has had lots of success in running a food truck in Bismarck over the last few years. She is continuing with the food truck this summer, balancing time at the Lake Shack with her truck service. She is confident her employees will be able to manage the Hazen Bay restaurant at the times when she is away with her other food service.

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