July 15, 2015

Former editor displays photography in Hazen

By Daniel Arens

All editors make their starts somewhere, and the Hazen Star provided that necessary experience for one illustrious career in photography.
Sheldon Green was first employed at the Star after graduating from the University of North Dakota in 1971. He has since worked at several positions, using his skill with photos to showcase the community of Hazen, the state of North Dakota, and Concordia College.
“Hazen was a great place to start, to learn, to get confident,” Green said while reminiscing about his time with the Star.
Green, who retired last year, came to the Hazen All School Reunion to showcase his photography work over the years. He also had the opportunity to meet up with Hazen residents who remember his time working in Hazen in the 1970s.
Green began working at the Star after owner/publisher Don Gackle incorporated new photography technology for the papers he ran, and was looking for a college graduate who had experience with the new equipment. He briefly left the Star to work in Green Bay, Wis., from late 1972 until early 1975, when he returned to Hazen.
During the late 1970s, Green reported on the expanding energy field. He said that he had a strong desire to have a role in the major change the energy boom would bring to Hazen. He pointed out how absolutely critical zoning ordinances were in making sure that growth was handled effectively.

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