June 8, 2016

Former Hazen resident named to Google report

By Daniel Arens
For those with entrepreneurial spirits, the hardest part of starting up a new business is, well, starting it. Different marketing techniques must be learned and mastered to give your business name recognition and attract customers.
Many recent new businesses can use various online resources to help promote their endeavors and get the word out to the public. Among these online tools are those provided by Google, such as online searches on the Google search engine, the use of Google AdWords for sponsored links to the business, and the use of Google Maps to provide location and directions to the business.
Former Hazen resident Brian Jackson recently opened a new business in Bismarck called Mighty Missouri Coffee Company, LLC (MMCC). In order to help draw in customers for his new business, Jackson makes use of Google online tools.
Much to his surprise, he was recently contacted by Google, asking if he would do an hour-long interview with them about his business and his use of Google tools to be printed in the company’s “Economic Impact Report”.
This report is an annual report by Google which publishes the name of one company for all 50 states that makes strong use of the tools which Google has available for business promotion. As part of the process for being included in the report, Jackson took part in the interview and also was photographed by a professional photographer flown into Bismarck from Chicago.

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