January 13, 2016

Former Hazen resident presents mission work to hometown

By Daniel Arens

English Lutheran Church is welcoming back one of its own to hear about the work she has been doing to help an orphanage overseas.
Pastor Stephanie Kurtis, of Salem United Church of Christ, Parkston, S.D., originally grew up in Hazen. The daughter of Richard and Kathy Nordgren, Kurtis is returning to her home church in town to give a presentation on her trip to Liberia to work with Children Rescue International.
Started by Liberian refugees in Sioux Falls, Children Rescue International is an organization dedicated to helping children in Liberia who live in extreme poverty.
Kurtis had the opportunity to visit an orphanage established by the organization for two and a half weeks in November.
Kurtis said she wanted to go on this trip to see “the kids we have been praying for.” At the orphanage, Kurtis worked as a volunteer, providing the basic teaching of healthcare, such as brushing teeth and flossing, and donating medical supplies that the Salem church had collected.
Asked whether she plans to return to Liberia in the future, Kurtis said she was not sure, due to the cost, noting that the money that was needed for the trip could be sent directly to the orphanage to help them with programs.

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