September 12, 2018

Fresh, connected and experienced

By Daniel Arens

There are a lot of changes in the Hazen School District this year. Among those changes is a new leader to help pilot the district into its future.
Kay Mayer was hired as both the middle school principal and activities director for the district, following the retirements last year of her predecessors: respectively, Ed Boger and Randy Johnson.
In practice, Kay is looking after the athletic part of the activities director’s responsibilities, while her husband Monty is handling the other extracurricular events. But both help each other out with handling the load these projects bring to their schedule.
Because Monty has been the high school principal since the start of the 2015-16 school year, Kay has an important connection for her new job. But the challenges of the combined responsibility of what was previously two separate positions, as well as the changes in 6th grade and school hour schedules, have put a lot on her plate.

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