June 20, 2018

Fresh look: A place for the community

By Daniel Arens

Hazen’s Girl Scouts seem to have a focus on working with the Hazen Public Library lately. But the projects they complete there benefit anyone in the community, including other Hazen organizations.
Sameena Knopik recently completed her Gold Award project by giving the meeting room in the library’s basement a complete makeover, both in paint and in furnishing.
At the same time, two other Girl Scouts worked to clear the adjacent storage room of whole piles of old material (both products from various organizations that have accumulated there and the assorted junk and oddments that easily build up in such places).
Isabella Nolan and Abigail Lee worked together to clean out the storage room, build cabinets, and organize Girl Scout material for their Silver Award project. They named their project “Bust that Dust”.
“They initially were contacted by the library,” Kim Nolan, Girl Scouts adviser, said. In the storage room, they found items from several groups jumbled together.


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