October 2, 2013

From Dubai to Hazen

By April Baumgarten

There was only one sentence that made Joy Dental Design want Dr. John Maveli in its office.
“He asked, “‘Am I going to have time to talk with my patients?’” Dr. Priscila Jelsing said. “That just made me think, ‘Wow. This guy is really going to fit in here in Hazen.”
Maveli, a dentist from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is now a pediatric specialist at the Hazen office. He has been in the town for three weeks and he is excited to be here.
“I just got my winter boots,” he joked. “The people are really nice. I like that it is open.”
John Maveli grew up living above his mother’s dentist office. His father was a doctor. But he was always surrounded by the industry of tooth care.
“As a child I would always go down to the clinic to wait for my mother,” Maveli said. “I would fall asleep in the waiting room.”

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