November 8, 2017

From the lily to the bugle: A Vietnam vet’s story

By Daniel Arens

For a local resident, the humid jungles of Vietnam and the graveside “gun salute” could not be more different. But both reflect unique aspects of courage and sacrifice, and the challenges faced by those who serve their country.
Bobby Neuberger, currently Sergeant-at-Arms for Clark Grosz American Legion Post 189 in Hazen, began his lifetime of dedication to the American Armed Forces working with the 7th Battalion 8th Artillery of the United States Army in 1968. Shortly after his initial enlistment, he found himself on the opposite side of the globe, in the midst of an infamous war.
“It wasn’t bad when we were in our base camps,” Neuberger said of the experience. “But when we went out on our operations, it was search, kill, and destroy.”
The 7th Battalion 8th Artillery worked almost exclusively with the 8-inch gun, providing artillery support to the other branches of the American military throughout the service. Neuberger recalled spending a few weeks at a base camp before moving out for operations, which might last a month or longer at a time.


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