July 23, 2014

Geocaching comes to Hazen and surrounding areas

By Lee Coleman

They call it geocaching but, in common laymen’s terms, it is called a giant treasure hunt, according to Hazen resident Cole Grinsteinner.
Grinsteinner, a senior at South Dakota School of Mines in Rapid City, became involved in the latest fad about four or five years ago.
“It is a giant treasure hunt outside to get people to the outdoors,” he said. “It is basically finding new locations you never knew existed.”
Geocache boxes are filled with trinkets, coins and just about anything not of value, and are hidden all over the country. Once a box is hidden, the GPS coordinates are loaded onto an application called c:geo
“There are multiple ways of finding the boxes,” Grinsteinner explained. “The easiest way is to use the app because it shows a map of all the locations of boxes. Then you just go about finding them.”
Once a geocache box is found, players can remove anything they want from the box but they have to replace the trinkets for the next hunter.


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