January 7, 2015

Hardware Hank sold to Dave and Diane Anderson

By Lee Coleman

Ken Hellmuth has owned Hardware Hank in Hazen for 21 years but, in recent months, Hellmuth decided to sell the business he worked so hard to build up.
Last spring, Hellmuth said he wouldn’t sell it to just anybody, he wanted the right buyers to come in.
On Dec. 31, Hellmuth got his wish when he sold the business to Dave and Diane Anderson of Ottertail, Minn.
While raising 12 children, the Andersons worked their farm for the past 19 years, raising certified organic vegetables and working a dairy cow operation.
Prior to moving to the farm, the Andersons owned a hardware and lumber store for 11 years and, when all the children except two teenagers had left the nest, the itch for hardware came back to Dave.
“Since I was a boy, I enjoyed going into the hardware store and it was a fun thing for me to do as a kid,” Dave said. “We sold our first hardware store to go out to the farm to raise the kids. Once most of the kids were gone, we decided to come back to the hardware business.”
After 19 years on the farm, Dave said he has fond memories of those years.
“Oh, I’ll miss it,” he said. “Definitely the outdoors and being out in God’s country.”
Years ago, Dave said the Hardware Hank franchise was always his first choice, and when he found out about Hazen the choice became simple.
“This is a great town to be in. Everyone has been real receptive,” he said. “It is just wonderful being here.”
Diane is just as happy to be here, saying she is looking forward to running the business with Dave.

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