March 11, 2015

Hazen Elementary School sets the bar for giving back

Hazen Elementary School sets the bar for giving back
School raises $12,700 in three weeks


In 2014, Hazen Elementary raised just under $11,000 for the American Heart Association’s “Jumping for Hearts” program. Although it was a great contribution, organizers felt like more could have been done.
So, this year, will only three weeks to work with, kids in kindergarten through sixth grade got busy, and last Thursday, the kids were rewarded for a phenomenal performance with a Fun Day at the school.
The kids raised $12,700 and, as of last Thursday, Hazen Elementary was the top school out of 150 schools in the program.
But there was some extra incentive for the kids this year. The physical education department was in charge of oversight for the program, and first-year physical education teacher Ronnie Stewart challenged students to beat 2014 by agreeing to be duct-taped to the gym wall Thursday if the old record was broken.
“Last year, we had a good year with about $11,000,” Stewart said. “So, since this is my first year, we picked a goal of $12,000. If the school reached $12,000, they could duct tape me to the wall and they did.

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