August 16, 2012

Hazen Golf Club safe with raffle tickets stolen, Chamber cancels drawing

A burglary at the Hazen Golf Club has spoiled plans for the Hazen Chamber of Commerce raffle, officials announce Tuesday.

The incident was reported Aug. 9, Hazen Police Chief Chuck Dahl said Monday. The front door was kicked in along with the office door. A safe, which held up to $3,000, was taken from the office. The safe also held 20 sold tickets for the raffle. The break-in resulted in $400 in damages.

The theft is under investigation, Dahl said.

The Hazen Chamber Board of Directors held an emergency meeting Monday where it decided to cancel its raffle. The directors discussed the situation with the North Dakota Attorney General's office and stated the "integrity of the raffle had been compromised," according to a press release.

The chamber was to hold the drawing Tuesday.

The chamber will refund purchased tickets within the next few weeks, according to the release. Those not refunded by Sept. 15 should bring their ticket stubs to the chamber office. Any group or business that sold tickets should return sold and unsold tickets with their sale money to the office by Friday.

If you have any information regarding the burglary, please call the Hazen Police Department at 701-748-2414.


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