August 19, 2015

Hazen holds sendoff for Delanie Wiedrich

By Daniel Arens

As the Miss America Pageant draws nearer, the community of Hazen will have the opportunity to see their hometown Miss North Dakota off.
Delanie Wiedrich, who was crowned Miss North Dakota in June, is finishing her preparations before heading to Atlantic City, N.J., for the national pageant. She leaves for Atlantic City August 31.
Wiedrich will present a sneak peak of her talent and the basic layout of the Miss America pageant August 27 for Hazen residents. The event will also be an opportunity to socialize and wish her a final good luck.
The send-off will be held at Hazen High School beginning at 6 p.m. Wiedrich will showcase her talent and wardrobe in the high school auditorium, which will be followed by a social in the Uncommons.
Wiedrich was able to put together her wardrobe by shopping in Minneapolis with Tessie Jones, who was Miss North Dakota in 2008. The wardrobe shopping took three days, as there are strict guidelines for the outfit.

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