March 8, 2017

Hazen man wins cruiser pick of the year

By Daniel Arens

And this year’s street cruiser pick goes to. . .Archie Rosenow of Hazen, North Dakota.
The recognition comes after Rosenow completed a lifelong goal of completely reconstructing a 1930 Ford Model A hot rod.
“This car was more of a personal challenge than being made for anyone,” Rosenow said. “It’s actually a bucket list item.”
In order to carry out his dream, Rosenow acquired the body of a Ford Model A, which had been hot-rodded in the past. He then put together the completed car, lots of it hand-built.
“My motivation here was to build the best car I could within the limits of my abilities, my finances, and my wife’s tolerance,” Rosenow said, laughing. “Thankfully, she’s been very supportive.”
The only parts of the car that were not personally done by Rosenow were the body finish, paint, and upholstery.
“Everything else I basically did,” he said. “Actually, it has a theme to it, like a car that might have been built in the ‘60s before muscle cars came around.”

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