January 8, 2014

Hazen needs housing, Obenauer says

By April Baumgarten

Hazen is feeling the housing crunch, and one commissioner says its time to find a way to grow the community.
“We have people retiring but people aren’t leaving Hazen and emptying houses for new people to buy,” Commissioner Jerry Obenauer Jr. said. “I think it is a very crucial time, and I don’t mean to put any pressure on Buster (Langowski) and (Hazen Community Development), but I think we need to find some future avenues instead of just sitting here waiting for another Annabelle or contractor to come in and do something.”
Obenauer brought up the subject Monday during a Hazen City Commission meeting at City Hall. There are no new developments in the area but there is a need for housing, Obenauer said.
“We are missing the boat here big time, and not just on new families,” Obenauer said. “Retired people are looking at downsizing. There are different needs for those types of people.”


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