February 19, 2014

Hazen School Board talks bleachers

By Chris Erickson
Superintendent Mike Ness stated that committees had recently met with the company doing the installation of the new bleachers on updates.
“We did have to go with 10-inch bleachers on the west side although we were hoping to go for 12-inch bleachers on both sides,” Ness said. “Code wouldn’t allow that. This is a proposal for solid panels on the south side of the gym on the stage. The price has gone up considerably. It was $24,000 when we received the bid. We were told recently that they made an error in the bid. The cost will be going up and we’ll be pushing 40-50.”
Ness said the bleacher company would soon be giving the school a quote on bleachers at the football field, at which time the board could decide on when and if to do it down the road.
Ness then brought up a topic from the previous school board meeting, that of incorporating pre-school into Hazen Public Schools. He noted that after doing some research he’d found that there were a couple of grants available through the Department of Public Instruction.
“There’s a $1,200 training grant for employees and a $5,000 available for renovations and getting a room ready,” Ness said. “I’ve asked Kelsey (Garrett) to send me a copy of the pre-school budget and she has. That’s available for us now. There’s no additional funding available from the state for pre-school.”


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