June 20, 2018

Hazen: Seeking the answers to the name

By Daniel Arens

It’s a name we encounter every day.
After all, it’s the name of the town where a large proportion of the readers of this article live. When we hear it, we usually just take it for granted. It’s a biographical fact of our lives.
Then again, it’s also a biographical fact in the life of John Charles Hazen.
He doesn’t live in the area, not even in the country. He lives in Alberta, Canada, although he has family living in both countries.
But, over the last few years, an interest in where his family came from led John to the North Dakota town that bears his name.
John, who came to Hazen with his daughter Joan (Hazen) Hingsburger and her husband Paul on June 12 and 13, noted that he felt there might be a connection between his great-grandfather and Abraham Depue Hazen, the man who lent his name to the town. The family is uncertain what exactly the relationship is, and is still searching for information that could shed light on their past.


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