May 10, 2017

Hazen students advance to national FCCLA

By Daniel Arens

Three students from Hazen are moving forward to compete at the national level with their own projects.
Bethany Goodwin is advancing to nationals for a video she created to address good financial management for teenagers. Makena Heier and Kayla Weigum are also advancing for a group project they did to raise both funds and awareness for Central Dakota Humane Society (CDHS).
Although the actual state judging of these projects is private, Makena and Kayla gave their presentation again before the Hazen School Board Monday evening.
Melissa Brandt and Antoinette Heier, FCCLA advisers, accompanied the students when they presented to the school board. The instructors told school board members that the projects were “Students Taking Action with Recognition” (STAR) projects.
The students brought a display board with them showing the different aspects of their service project. They began their discussion with interesting tidbits about the animals kept at the shelter.
“What can we do to help and show we care?” Kayla said.
She added that the primary concern she and Makena had was that CDHS is a nonprofit, and that they may not have enough funds for the work they do.
“We love animals, and maybe we can donate our time and give back,” Makena said.

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