December 20, 2017

Hazen’s new musical light show

By Daniel Arens

Many Hazen residents get in quite the festive spirit when it comes to Christmas. Just a brief drive around town quickly demonstrates that.
This year, however, one family is bringing something new to the area. Where most of the houses may be lavishly decorated, Clint and Monica Goven have added another twist: a musical performance.
Located on the intersection of 5th St. and 2nd Ave., the Goven house features many decorations: Santas and snowmen and a nativity scene and a star on the side of their house, with rows of Christmas lights and Christmas trees in between. When the dusk settles, however, this festive house suddenly comes to life.
Tuned in to a local radio station, the lights on the house shine on and off to the melody of Christmas carols, as well as some other music Clint Goven said he can pick out. For example, a compilation of songs from Disney’s “Frozen” might play, and the lights are then synced with those songs.
“I’ve always wanted to do something like this to kind of make people happy,” Goven said.
Anyone driving by the house during the evening can watch the light display, as the various outdoor lights twinkle on and off. If you want the full experience of the music as well, all you have to do is tune into 89.3 on your car radio.
“Well, the 89.3 channel is what the music plays to,” Goven said. “It’s all on a timer is how it goes.”

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