February 1, 2017

HCD meeting highlights Hazen’s future

By Daniel Arens

Four individuals with major projects in the Hazen area were able to update the community on those projects’ current status.
During the annual meeting of Hazen Community Development (HCD), held this previous Wednesday, speakers highlighted the progress of a housing facility, a urea plant, a senior housing facility, and a new hospital.
One of the major projects facing HCD over the past couple years has been working on the Hazen Pioneer Apartments senior housing project. HCD is not the actual owner of the property, but has done much of the legwork in getting the project off the ground.
Greg McCarthy, president of the Hazen Housing Authority, which will have ownership of the apartments, discussed the current status of the project. Originally intending to remodel the Pioneer Park Home, analysis of the costs and benefits led to the decision to tear the building down entirely and reconstruct it as senior housing.

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