March 29, 2017

Health care education, hands-on activities

By Daniel Arens

Over the past eight years, the University of North Dakota Center for Rural Health has provided students in rural communities a chance to experience first-hand how rural health care services work.
This past week, students again were awed by the number of different services which are provided in rural North Dakota, demonstrated through an event called “SCRUBS Camp.” The hands-on nature of the project added both interest and delight for many of the students.
On March 22, dozens of eighth graders from the Hazen, Beulah, Center-Stanton, and Killdeer school districts came to Hazen High School, where the Center for Rural Health had coordinated with local health care providers to hold the event in the gymnasium.
“It’s something hands-on at every station,” Kylie Nissen, senior program coordinator with the Center for Rural Health, said.
“Health care is an extremely important profession, and it’s in dire need of providers,” Nissen said. Speaking of the kids, she added, “Hopefully you guys will stay right here in North Dakota, and hopefully you will choose to be in a rural health center.”


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