May 27, 2015

Hearing planned on new distance between wind towers and residences

By Daniel Arens

The Mercer County Planning and Zoning Commission moved to hold a hearing for a potential new ordinance that would change the distance between a wind tower and an occupied residence to one mile.
Mercer County Commissioner Wes Gunsch had recommended the change for safety reasons. The current state ordinance is only 1,000 feet between the two structures. The board approved the public hearing so that homeowners could voice their own opinions on the change, and will move forward with a new ordinance. There could be a waver for homeowners specifically desiring less distance.
Absentee owners are not usually concerned about having wind towers on their property, so the board felt favorable about accepting the change depending on the outcome of the hearing.
The board also discussed Allan Frederick’s property, where campers are currently set up. These campers are used primarily during the summer for concrete workers. Frederick has permission for the campers to be located on the property, but the commission is concerned that there may be zoning violations related to the current setup. The commissioners agreed to table the issue until more information comes in, including whether or not Custer Health has approved the septic systems Frederick has established.

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