June 14, 2017

Heart of service for Hazen

By Daniel Arens

One young woman in Hazen is working to earn the highest honor a Girl Scout can receive by meeting a need she sees in the community.
Sameena Knopik is repainting and renovating the basement of the Hazen Public Library as her “Gold Award” project.
“So, basically, the Gold Award is the highest award you can achieve as a Girl Scout,” Knopik said. She added that it is received by finding a need in the community, and addressing that.
“I decided to name my project ‘The Cozy Cove,’” Knopik said.
Her goal is to renovate the library basement so it can be used by various community organizations as a meeting place.
Knopik said that a lot of groups in the community do not have a designated place to meet, but gather at places like the city hall when they have meetings or activities. She wants the basement to be utilized by any of these groups in the future as a place they know could be available for them.
Knopik added that her project would also help the basement feel more welcoming and attractive for the library itself to use for the programs it holds downstairs.

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